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What's next for "What an Idea!"

We all agree that Ideas can come from anywhere, anyone and at any moment. We even agree that our consumers are Social, Informed and Empowered - thanks to the mobile devices, internet and Social Media. We also agree that we all "collaborate" on "Office WhatsApp groups" on some (or all) 'official' matters that are urgent, important and also things that are interesting.

Why personal Social Media Platforms are not "just enough" for Idea Management ?

Can the "Other Half" be easily managed ?

If Well Planned is Half Done, then how can the other half be easily managed. I believe that making a good "Option Plan" which is data driven considering all the nuances such as growth in categories, like to like business, stores etc., is a prerequisite to ensure profitable growth for a fashion retailer. Many successful brands and retailers have emphasised on churning data and coming up with a very detailed Option Plan that becomes a prerequisite input for the designers to deliver sufficient number of relevant options to chose from.

Why 3D technologies can help stores improve consumer experiences?

Ever wonder why some stores are just great places to be in and others leave you indifferent? Why do some retailers seem to attract more people into their stores than others and keep them coming back? One of the reasons is retail design. Stores that are well designed make people feel good. Successful retailers understand the importance design plays in how well they manage their store. The way it is laid out, the products it features and promotes and the amenities it offers to consumers to make them feel welcome are all part of creating a compelling in-store experience.

The Impact of Visual Merchandising

Social media, m-commerce, e-commerce and globalisation have changed the way consumers interact and spend, adding new dimensions to the retail environment. This increasingly vast and complex environment brings great opportunities, but also great challenges for fashion line planners and merchandisers.

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