What's next for "What an Idea!"

We all agree that Ideas can come from anywhere, anyone and at any moment. We even agree that our consumers are Social, Informed and Empowered - thanks to the mobile devices, internet and Social Media. We also agree that we all "collaborate" on "Office WhatsApp groups" on some (or all) 'official' matters that are urgent, important and also things that are interesting.

Why personal Social Media Platforms are not "just enough" for Idea Management ?

  • Reason 1 : Because they are Personal. While WhatsApp like Social Media platforms are always handy and easy to use, these are intended for Personal use and more we keep using in official context, may take the plight of e-mails, where we don't think twice to "Mark All as Read", blame the sheer volumes of emails we get daily which are more CCs than TOs. We often get irritated by these buzzes over weekends and even lose track of the actual Voice in the countless beeps (Noise)
  • Reason 2 : Because they don't help us to prioritise. By the sheer nature of Ideation Funnel - where not every Idea cannot be a sellable pivot, we need real-time insights, perspectives and validations from market dynamics, peer feedback - both within organisation and bloggers as well as focussed consumer groups. Once such nuances are taken care, and visually represented - the Sellable Idea can well be taken forward for formal execution.
  • Reason 3 : Because they are not easily searchable and carry forward. Adding to the above point, where an idea which may not be a viable equation at one time-frame may well become very much relevant at another time-frame. We would then need to quickly take that Idea from the "Parking Lot" and take it forward with all the collaboration done so far using structured project / product management tools with defined timelines and deadlines to launch.
  • Reason 4 : Because Channelising Ideas is not easy. We need to bucket the Ideas into various business groups / products / focussed segments based on the organisation priorities. Bucketed Ideas should be linked to a specific team, specific big idea that organisation is working.

What are some must-haves for any Office Social Collaboration platforms:

  • Contextual and Curated web content.
  • Real-time feeds with options to Like or Comment.
  • Prioritisation based on the number of interactions happened on an Idea.
  • Link to core product / project management tools to carry forward to execute and deliver the idea into the market.
  • Web-based preferably App-based.
  • (Would like to hear from you in the comments box...)

Isn't interesting to check if there are any ready-to-use Softwares available in the market to help FMCG and Fashion Retail Industry to channelise the Ideas within the organisations and truly create a Social Collaborative Platform ?

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