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Collaborative Innovation

Enabling Collaborative Innovation from ‘Design to Retail’

Fashion Retail industry is driven by demand for fresh designs and ideas and compelling products aligned with seasonal or annual cycles. Fashion Brands wouldn’t miss a chance to listen to what are the latest international fashion trends, what its brand loyal consumers are talking and looking for on the Social Media platforms, and even take the Design Development to the next level by Social Innovation. This requires collaboration between globally distributed teams. In reality, the ‘design to retail’ process chain at many brands in the industry often involves teams working in silos. It’s imperative for industry firms to enable seamless collaboration to stoke innovation, satisfy consumer expectations, and achieve market success.

Simbus leverages Dassault Systèmes’ Social Ideation Industry Solution to help your Fashion Brand and Retail business overcome these wide ranging challenges. The solution is based on the powerful 3DEXPERIENCE platform and is the first cloud-based collaboration platform that spans your entire ‘design to consumer’ process chain. It promotes ideation across your design, bloggers, content writers, sourcing and product teams, helps them choose winning ideas, and automates management of design information.

The solution’s intuitive, user friendly and industry-specific modules enable you to

  • Accelerate the ideation process
  • Collaborate with external stake holders like Bloggers, Marketing Agencies in a safe and secured way
  • Introduce social listening to monitor fashion trends, social media buzz, and consumer expectations
  • Analyze market competition
  • Enhance requirements management, budgeting, and decision making with greater visibility into project metrics


Key Benefits

The Social Ideation Industry Solution allows you to:

  • Enhance your innovation capabilities and ‘design to market’ processes
  • Develop superior products through automation of key processes such as ideation management and cross functional collaboration
  • Cut down on design time with built-in project time tracking and reporting
  • Create innovative designs to satisfy rising consumer expectations

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