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Fashion Retail Planning

A Best Practice Solution for Fashion Retailers

In today ́s environment, with its increasing market complexity, intense competition, and less and less predictability of demand- and supply-side developments, many fashion brands suffer from high inventories and suboptimal sell-through, which cause high markdowns and diminishing margins. Research shows that profitability in today’s global fashion market requires more than excellence in just a few specific business areas. Only seamlessly integrated functions can provide the supply chain capabilities to react quickly to the latest market developments while keeping tight control over operational efficiency, inventories and margins. Therefore, a key enabler for future market success is a highly integrated planning approach that links end-to-end planning by finance, product, retail and wholesale channels with planning activities on the operations side.

Simbus brings two of the worlds best retail planning solutions to India that addresses all the varied complexities and requirements of Indian Fashion Brands.


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