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Dassault Systémes PLM for Manufacturing

Improving Productivity, Reducing Cost, Reduce NPD Cycle Time from Concept to Manufacture

Midsize manufacturers are poised to grow in today’s vibrant markets. They are taking advantage of manufacturing revitalization with a combination of product innovation and agility but developing successful products today is complex and risky. It requires technical knowhow, teamwork, collaboration, and coordination. Midsize companies have to overcome this complexity to compete with larger competitors. They have to connect closely with customers and introduce new Products quickly and efficiently to meet their needs. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software can help through better product development performance by managing product-related data, processes, and projects.

Simbus has partnered with the world leader in PLM, Dassault Systémes to offer the following solutions on the 3D experience platform.

Dassault Systémes Industry Solution Experiences
Automotive Industrial Equipment

Dassault Systémes PLM leverages the 3D Experience platform to help midsize companies to overcome the challenges of product and organizational complexities beyond PDM capabilities. It helps manage the following key process:

  • Manage multiple projects (APQP Methodology) and enable collaboration across various functions like design, marketing, engineering, production, quality etc.
  • Design Data management with proper version and revision control
  • Advanced CAD structure management in platform with exploded tree structure
  • Generate light weight design format for use in downstream process
  • Centralized CAD Data Management with data being stored in databases enabling access to latest data and reducing conflicts and other fouling issues
  • Manage Bill of Materials and the change processes around design and BOM to ensure that all functions relate to the latest version
  • Manage technical documentation and process workflows within the organisation and outside as well
  • Easy search and reusability of parts from the library / repository

Key benefits

  • Improve design productivity by up to 50% by eliminating rework, search, check in/out etc.
  • Reduce cost by elimination BOM errors
  • Reduce time manage projects by up to 30%
  • Resolve issues earlier leading to improved quality and reduced development time


Simbus can help your manufacturing enterprise innovate with better products and design, delight customers, and achieve greater revenue and profit.

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