Boost your output and throughput by squeezing extra production, effectively monitor and control the timing of complex production processes consisting of long, linked production chains, complex cleaning and sterilization procedures and improve your on-time delivery performance through Advanced Planning and Scheduling Solutions.

Siemens SIMATIC IT Preactor family of Advanced Production Planning and Scheduling software products helps solve some of the most challenging production planning and scheduling problems of Pharma manufacturing industry . The combination of cleaning/sterilizing activities at changeover, risk of expiry due to process delays and changing market demands need a state of the art system to be managed successfully. Simatic IT Preactor APS offers cost effective solutions that brings more visibility of production and avoids production hold-ups.

Simatic IT Preactor transforms the entire production planning and scheduling of your plant by considering:

  • Optimizes your Dispensing, manufacturing, counting and packing activities (specific to formulation)
  • Schedules are generated considering Cleaning (CIP) & sterilization(SIP) process to minimize costly change-over times
  • Final sequencing of all actions to create a complete schedule including all maintenance activity required
  • Takes care of short shelf life while planning and scheduling
  • Addresses variation in demand, variation in raw material quality and complex quality requirements

Multi - Product Category Support

SIMATIC IT Preactor AP is an industry best practice solution for

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Life Science
  • Cosmetics

Key Benefits

Some of the measurable benefits we deliver are:

  • 25% increase in productivity
  • Up to 50% reduction in raw material stock and WIP
  • improvement in delivery performance by up to 80%
  • 80% reduction in scheduling labor overhead

Simatic IT Preactor APS combined with the Industry Expertise and robust implementation methodology of Simbus Technologies ensures that investment in implementing the solution delivers a quick return of investment of 12 months or less

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