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Visual Merchandising for Fashion Brands and Retailers

Enhance Design Processes for Great Customer Experiences and More Profits

Visual merchandising and planning is key to attracting and engaging today’s demanding fashion and retail customers. It helps define the best product mix and store display to enhance customer appeal and conform to the brand persona for each floorset and retail segment. The aim is to provide a unique shopping experience to impress customers and increase revenues.

Dassault Systèmes’ Visual Merchandising solution for Fashion Brands and Retailers helps our customers deliver compelling and satisfying consumer experiences. We leverage the power of our partner Dassault Systèmes’ 3D visualization software to help product designers create sketches for virtual merchandising, category planning and validation. This, in turn, helps synchronize product options with design and development. The solution allows creative teams, designers, retailers, category managers and store teams to collaborate in real time to review, revise, and validate product assortment and placement, store fixtures and signage. It even allows users to take a virtual tour of the store to see things from a customer’s perspective.

Our VM solution also gives you the capability to see various combinations of visual merchandising options, overlaid with metrics on costing, color, or material mix. It automatically generates planograms to guide retailers on converting designers’ visions into reality. In addition, it supports mobile audits to ensure field compliance and register feedback. All of this results in better, quicker store deployments that conform to the designers’ vision, and helps maximize your brand appeal and profits.

Key Benefits

  • Efficient product assortment planning and visual merchandising
  • Informed decision making and product design
  • Optimum design methodology for better space utilization
  • No more waiting for actual samples in order to test floorset options
  • Improved customer experiences through feedback from virtual shopping experiences
  • Complete visibility into retail metrics in real time

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